DSM were selected from Scotia Gas Network’s (SGN) demolition framework contractors to demolish and clear three redundant gasholders at their Provan depot in Glasgow.

The project which commenced Jan 2020 is due to complete February 2021. The work comprised of the dewatering and desludging of the three holders and the demolition of 1no. above ground holder and 2no. below ground holders (reputedly the largest in the UK). The frames of the above ground holders are listed, and DSM had to collaborate closely with SGN and Scottish heritage to design and deliver the complex demolition whilst complying with strict planning conditions.

  • The works generated 135000m3 of former holder water which was discharged to sewer under licence following a stringent filtering and testing process
  • DSM removed 2500 tonnes of treated holder sludge which was subsequently sent for high temperature incineration
  • The three holders yielded 5000 tonnes of steel which was 100% recycled