Project Description

Client: Canary Wharf Contractors

Project Duration:

Project Scope

Demolition of the former factory / office in East London, comprising of asbestos removal, soft strip, demolition of structures, removal of sub-structures. Installing, maintaining and removing a fully designed façade system to the building frontage.

Project Constraints & Challenges:

  • Delivery of the works within a densely populated residential area
  • Traffic and people management
  • 24/7 noise, dust and vibration monitoring
  • Demolition over a live tow path
  • Design of façade retention with no as built drawings for structure
  • Removal of sub-structures adjacent to the canal tow path
  • Segregation and processing of materials on an extremely confined site


  • No environmental impact complaints for noise or dust
  • Uninterrupted use of roads and footpaths abutting the site
  • Obtained Certificate of Compliance from the Considerate Contractors Scheme
  • Incorporated archaeological watching brief with no programme delay