Project Description

CASE STUDY: Fenny Compton

Client: Homes England

Project Duration: 41 weeks

Project Scope:

The demolition of multiple industrial units containing extensive notifiable asbestos to a 3.4ha site. Excavation and remediation of hydrocarbon soil and made ground to a depth of 3.0m including removal of concrete foundations. Geotechnical testing to prove a ground bearing capacity of 75km/m2.

Project Constraints & Challenges:

  • Working immediately adjacent to a live railway and public rights of way
  • Pre-commencement topographic surveys in conjunction with the engineer and principal contractor to a 3DXF/LSS format
  • Protection and retention of trees and TPO orders
  • Protection to existing substations and telecoms mast and service diversions
  • Construction of noise bunds to the railway boundary utilising appropriate site won materials


  • Provision of warrantied ground remediation report to White Young Green specification suitable for future residential development for Homes England and Local Authorities
  • Segregation and removal of asbestos containing materials in buildings and made ground
  • Fully cleared and remediated 3.4ha site on time in 41 weeks