Project Description


Client: McLaren Construction

Stakeholder: BMW Mini Cars

Project Duration: 42 weeks

Project Scope:

Demolition of 4no. concrete framed factories and car parks totalling 34,000m2 of structures including the removal and recycling of concrete substructures followed by ground remediation.

Project Constraints & Challenges:

Logistics around demolition of major structures in a live manufacturing facility, including:

  • Traffic and people management
  • Maintaining critical operational spaces
  • 24hr dust, noise and vibration control and monitoring
  • Removal of hydrocarbon contaminated ground
  • Crushing and segregation of concrete structures in accordance with engineer Ramboll specification


  • Uninterrupted manufacturing by BMW for the entire duration of the project
  • Complex demolition methods for large structures with suspended floor slabs without incident or loss of time
  • Independent technical ground validation reports to sign off on programme