On 6th March DSM successfully demolished the former 12,000 ton Bunker Bay structure at the former Eggborough Power station plant. This phase of the demolition was the third successful explosive demolition in the ongoing redevelopment of the site which is earmarked for mixed use regeneration in a Joint Venture by St Francis Group and Commercial Development Projects.

The implosion took place at 10.00am within the perimeter of a secured 350m diameter exclusion zone to safeguard the public and third parties.

Over 50 DSM employees implemented the localised road closures and the exclusion zone supported by officers from North Yorkshire Police on the day and state of the art surveillance equipment including heat seeking drones ensured that the zone was completely sterile in advance of the works.

DSM as on the previous implosions the DSM team worked closely with Services providers to ensure uninterrupted gas and electricity supplies to the local area. The preparation works were carefully planned on site allowing for the impact of extreme adverse weather conditions and very high winds (gusting at 78mph) experienced during the recent storms. The site team constantly reviewed weather conditions from the Met office and used site located ultrasonic monitors to assess wind speeds and the potential effects on the pre-weakened structure.

State of the art shaped cutting charges were utilised to initiate the required collapse of the steel structure and the separation of the Bunker Bay from the Boiler House was captured by remote sacrificial imaging cameras inside the structure.

Video: https://vimeo.com/685353707 

As before and in advance of the works DSM met with local councillors to explain the works approach and to emphasise our prime concern of the safety of the public and monitoring measures to evidence that the works did not cause an environmental pollution nuisance – residents were notified of the works by local mail shots and through social media pages.